FT Myers Florida featured artists

Want to get tattooed at Ink Life? The best bet is to get there early Friday and take your time browsing all of the portfolios. There will be 200 artists there so taking your time is important, many are amazing but have not gotten all of their images in to be featured. When looking at portfolios you will tend to see what style each artist specializes in. When you find an artist that specializes in the style tattoo you like speak with them about availability and put down a deposit. They will then get you in on their next opening. If you fall in love with an artists work and he is not open till another day, (this happens often), this is when it will pay to have a weekend pass. Tickets are $25 for day passes and $40 for all three days so it is definitely the best value. SEE YOU THERE!!

 Inkaholik Tattoos                            Lotus Tattoo

      Paulo Mertas Italy                Lost Galleries     

        Nick Stockford                                 Art and Soul

Mor Cohen                                        Roly Trex

 Ronsta Fari                                   Synester SYXX

The Red Diamond Collective               Built 4 Speed             

          Str8line Tattoos                        Fame Tattoos 

Ancient Art Tattoo                     Locke Studios Tatoo 

    Independent Tattoo Company                Funhouse Tattoo                  

 Rob Rao & Andrea Timson        Webbworks Tattoo      

Vantablack Tattoo Gallary                     Lethal Injections Tattoo

 Prodigal Son Tattoo                      Mockingbird Tattoo

 Aces High Tattoo Shop         Collins Street Tattoo     

Classic Craft Tattoo Studio              Pleasures of the Flesh        

              Anthem Tattoo                        Pushin Ink Tattoo      

Allegory Ink                                   Bloodlines Ink

                  Finest Tattoo and Art Company             Anchor and Iron                          

       Michael Kulick's Artwork                  Doublecross Tattoo

 Stretch the World                                Cape Coral Tattoos 

The Ring Zone                                  In Living Color

               Sean Evers                            Darin Owens                 
                            Amazing Tattoo                       Exception Ink                      

Lauren Margo